TMJ Treatment Center

TMJ treatment center

           A TMJ treatment center is the best place to get TMJ treatment. Tempro-Mandibular Joint Disorder is a complicated disorder that is commonly misunderstood, not only by patients but by physicians and even dentists as well. TMJD is so misunderstood that many patients who see their physicians for TMJ pain are never correctly diagnosed. It is not until they see their dentist and mention the pain that they are correctly diagnosed with TMJD.

         Dr. Padolsky has established a TMJ treatment center in Atlanta Georgia. Our TMJ dentist has been treating TMJ Disorders for 26 years. Dr Padolsky has taught TMJ post doctorate continuing education courses for both the University of Alabama School of Dentistry and the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry. He even received a Fellowship from the Atlanta Craniomandibular Society in 1990 as well as from the American Orthodontic Society in 2000.

         Our TMJ treatment center has developed a special TMJ program. The TMJ program begins with the relaxing the jaw muscles to prevent TMJ pain. The next step in the process is finding the patient's correct occlusion. When the alignment of the bite is correct it relieves the pressure on the joints. This allows the muscles to relax naturally on their own and allows the joints to heal. The second phase of the TMJ program is making sure the permanent occlusion is in it's optimum alignment.

          Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky is an Atlanta TMJ Dentist who enjoys helping his patients find the cause of their TMJ problems. Of course, you are welcome to join his family of patients at his TMJ treatment center. He offers both initial ( Phase 1 ) TMJ treatment and can also restore the bite if a patient desires it ( Phase 2). If you have a TMJ problem and would like schedule a TMJ consultation with Dr. Padolsky, please call 404-876-8123 to schedule your appointment.

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