TMJ Referral Information

          Thank you for considering a referral. Referring patients to see our Dr. Padolsky is easy and there are lots of ways to do it. If you would like Dr. Padolsky's professional cards, please call the office at 404-876-8123 and ask for TMJ referral cards. Some health care professionals, especially dentists, prefer a referral pad to make TMD referrals and if you wish, referral pads can also be sent to you or you can download a copy immediately by clicking on the referral pad link. You can also email us with your request but be very sure to include your mailing address, name and telephone number.

          If you need help learning how to screen for TMJ Disorders, Dr. Padolsky would be more than happy to meet with you and review the signs and symptoms of TMJ syndrome along with some brief physical screening exam techniques. If you have specific questions about a specific patient, you can email Dr. Padolsky or call 404-876-8123.

          Most TMJ patients are seen within a week for an initial TMJ consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to educate the patient about TMJ Disorders, do an initial screening examination and present initial treatment options and costs. A screening panoramic x-ray is advised also.

          Please ask your patients to visit our website for our practice information. This will help your patients become familiar with our practice, finanical policies, address and our Atlanta TMJ dentist.

          TMJ patients are pain patients and are often frustrated. This frustration, along with the fact that most medical and dental insurance companies make it extremely difficult to get paid for TMJ treatment, has caused Dr. Padolsky to limit the TMJ portion of his dental practice to cash or financing. We will file your patient's insurance but we can not guarantee insurance payments. Of course, our Financial Manager will do everything possible to assist your patient.

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