TMJ Program

tmj program

           Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky has developed a TMJ program for treatment of TMJD. There is no instant relief for TMJD that actually treats the cause of the disorder. Taking pain relievers to soothe jaw pain and headaches does nothing to solve the problem and eventually the pain will worsen and spread as other symptoms arise. TMJ treatment is done in phases. Each phase of the treatment accomplishes one specific goal since the cause of TMJD is different for some people.

         The TMJ program begins with the jaw muscles. For many people this is where TMJ pain comes from and it is important to relax the jaw muscles to relieve pain and prevent spasming. The next step in the process is finding the patient's correct bite. When the alignment of the bite is correct it relieves the pressure on the joints. This allows the muscles to relax naturally on their own and allows the joints to heal. This is done with a TMJ mouth guard also called a TMJ splint.

The second phase of the TMJ program is making sure the permanent bite is in it's optimum alignment. This can be accomplished several ways through the use of either a permanent removable TMJ appliance, TMJ orthodontics or crown and bridge restorations. For many people TMJ exercises and TMJ massage can aid in the process. The full program is designed to take six weeks from start to finish.

          Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky is an Atlanta TMJ Dentist who enjoys helping his patients find their cause of TMJ problems. Of course, you are welcome to join his family of patients. He offers both initial ( Phase 1 ) TMJ treatment and can also restore the bite if a patient desires it ( Phase 2) of his TMJ program. If you have a TMJ problem and would like schedule a TMJ consultation with Dr. Padolsky, please call 404-874-7428 to schedule your appointment.

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