TMJ Mouth Guard

tmj mouth guard

          The TMJ mouth guard that Dr. Padolsky initially makes is a lower soft appliance. The appliance covers and protects the lower teeth from damage resulting from grinding on the upper teeth. TMJ patients usually unconsciously suffer from tooth grinding. This causes tooth sensitivity and jaw muscle pain. In some cases, the beaver muscles on the side of the face grow and cause a fullness on both sides of the face.

          A TMJ mouth guard also protects the jaw joints which are usually the source of the whole TMJ problem. When a TMJ patient bites, one or both of the jaw joints dislocated backwards towards the ears. The muscles then attempt to pull the joints forward to protect the ears and avoid damage to the tender soft tissues in the back of the joint. After one to six weeks of wear, most patients experience TMJ pain relief since the softguard is protecting the joint, not the jaw muscles.

         In most cases, Dr. Padolsky can construct a TMJ mouth guard within twenty four hours. Several of his dental assistants are trained to do the lab work required to construct this appliance. With special arrangements, we can sometimes see an out of town patient at 8 am and have the new appliance at 4 pm that same day. This is not the most optimal way to make an appliance but it is often the best way to immediately help a patient.

          Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky is an Atlanta TMJ Dentist who enjoys helping each of this patient's with a TMJ mouth guard . Of course, you are welcome to join his family of patients. He offers both initial ( Phase 1 ) TMJ treatment and can also restore the bite if a patient desires it ( Phase 2). If you have a TMJ problem and would like schedule a TMJ consultation with Dr. Padolsky, please call 404-874-7428 to schedule your appointment.

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