TMJ Massage

tmj massage

           TMJ massage can provide temporary short term relief of TMJ pain. The pain that most TMJ patients suffer with primarily comes from overworked and tender muscles. Stretching and massaging the jaw muscles and surrounding head and neck muscles can provide significant relief. Working the muscles increases the circulation and allows nourishing blood to enter the muscles and toxic waste to leave, especially lactic acid.

          TMJ massage feels good but it does not take care of the source of the problem, a badly aligned jaw joint. The muscles are attempting to hold the jaw joint in a better position and until this mal-aligned position is corrected, the muscles will soon return to being painful. This treatment must be performed in cooperation with a TMJ appliance to have any chance at long term success. A massage therapist who attempts to treat TMJ without the help of a TMJ dentist will continue to treat this patient forever. The question is why?

          TMJ massage should be performed during when a patient has acute tmj pain and is suffering with life limiting pain. It can be a Godsend in this situation. In acute situations, a TMJ may not even be able to open to get an impression to make a TMJ soft guard. Massaging can provide enough TMJ pain relief to allow the patient to open.

          Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky is an Atlanta TMJ Dentist who enjoys helping his patients get TMJ relief. Of course, you are welcome to join his family of patients. He offers both initial ( Phase 1 ) TMJ treatment and can also restore the bite if a patient desires it ( Phase 2). When necessary, patients can receive TMJ massage to help. If you have a TMJ problem and would like schedule a TMJ consultation with Dr. Padolsky, please call 404-876-8123 to schedule your appointment.

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