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tmj appliance

           The type of TMJ appliance that you get often depends on the dentist that you go to. This is very unfortunate, but is the reality in the dental community currently. There are several camps of thought that approach TMJ treatment in different ways. Many of these dentists believe it their philosophy much live religious devotees believe in their religion. This creates some controversy and confusion.

           Most dentists believe that a TMJ appliance is essential to successful TMJ treatment. The joint has to be supported by something other than the jaw muscles and the teeth have to be protected from constant tooth grinding that most TMJ patients experience. Initially the soft guard may feel uncomfortable from one to three days, but by the end of a week some patients have to be forced to take it out.

          A TMJ appliance, in most cases, should be worn 24/7 to insure complete protection and support of both temporomandibular joints. This time allows the tissues within the joint to heal since nothing is compressing the tissues within the joint. With recovery, the tissues can make better synovial fluid which lubricates and feeds the parts inside the joint.

          Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky is an Atlanta TMJ Dentist who enjoys helping his patients and is familiar with many TMJ appliance designs. Of course, you are welcome to join his family of patients. He offers both initial ( Phase 1 ) TMJ treatment and can also restore the bite if a patient desires it ( Phase 2). If you have a TMJ problem and would like schedule a TMJ consultation with Dr. Padolsky, please call 404-874-7428 to schedule your appointment.

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