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          Thank you for choosing Dr. Padolsky to provide you with your TMJ treatment. He will do everything he can to help you improve your situation but treatment success can only be accomplished with you and him as a team. Dr. Padolsky does not believe in using drugs to treat TMJ problems. TMJ patients do not have drug deficiencies, they have mechanical disorders and often underlying medical conditions. Your physician and Dr. Padolsky will work hand in hand to help you.

         Your first step is to download all of the patient forms and fill them out completely before coming in to the office. PLEASE, take your time and be accurate.

         Please carefully read our financial policy because we

do not take medical or dental insurance for TMJ care.

         Our office will

file your insurance for you and

if covered, your insurance company will reimburse you directly.

         Our practice offers several financing options which you can pay back if your insurance pays you.

         It's sad but most patients prefer to get mad at their doctors when their insurance companies are the real problem. Dr. Padolsky loves helping TMJ patients but insurance companies do not pay for TMJ services and when they say that they do, they make it very difficult to get paid. Dr. Padolsky prefers to care for his patients, not write endless reports for hours and hours fighting insurance companies.

         Your initial TMJ visit involves taking a panoramic x-ray, a TMJ interview and brief consult. An initial TMJ treatment plan will be constructed and discussed along with payment options. In many cases, impressions for a muscle relaxation appliance can often be taken that day.

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