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          Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky is an Atlanta TMJ dentist who practices with the Atlanta Dental Group PC in the Midtown Buckhead area of Atlanta. He provides both initial TMJ pain relief and when necessary, final restorative phases of TMJ treatment. In most cases, patients with a TMJ problem can be seen within a day at our Atlanta TMJ Center and most experience TMJ relief within six weeks, many in one week.

         The first step with all TMJ syndrome patients is to relieve muscle spasm and muscle pain. Ninety percent of all TMJ pain comes from muscle pain. This is an important TMJ symptom because it's the primary source of TMJ headache. Although muscles are not usually the cause of TMJ problems, their pain almost always is a patient's chief complaint. Once the jaw muscles have returned to normal, the TMJ joint itself can be properly evaluated. It normally takes about six weeks of TMJ therapy with a soft decompression guard to achieve this goal.


          The cause of TMJ differs with different TMJ dysfunction patients so careful diagnosis and treatment is important. However, most patients have a TMJ jaw misalignment. A specially designed TMJ splint helps reposition TMJ joint and bite. TMJ disease has many medical manifestations such as TMJ tinnitus, TMJ ear pain and TMJ neck pain. Many patients are focused on TMJ symptom treatment but the underlying TMJ cause must be addressed. TMJ massage helps the TMJ problem but does not correct the misalignment. A TMJ appliance must be made and often orthodontic TMJ therapy performed.

          Dr. Padolsky is the TMJ specialist for the Atlanta Dental Group PC which is a TMJ treatment center in Atlanta. As our TMJ dentist, he is primarily in charge of the TMJ care for all our patients. Our Atlanta TMJ dentist has developed a TMJ program which combines use of a TMJ mouth guard with important lifestyle changes to improve every patient's health.


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          Dr. Padolsky believes TMJ surgery should be a treatment of last resort, only after all non-surgical treatment options have been attempted. If you need a TMJ doctor, you are welcome to schedule a TMJ consultation with Dr. Padolsky by calling 404-876-8123. If you are an established patient, please visit our Established TMJ patient information page.

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